Enjoy the Beach!

​Birch Bay, Washington

Dannita Schacht

Executive Director

Yvonne Lindquist

Owner, Yvonne’s Embroidery Studio. 

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Wayne Diaz, Director

Photographer, Diaz Photography

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Nancy Stull, Director

Manager, Banner Bank

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Iain Buchanan, Vice President
General Manager, Birch Bay Waterslides

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Doralee Booth, Secretary

President, FOBBSP

(Friends of Birch Bay State Park)

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2017 Board of Directors


The purpose of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is to promote, encourage and coordinate cooperation and civil exchange between all elements of the community; and to promote, enhance and advocate for the civic. commercial, economic, recreational, and general welfare interests of the Birch Bay area. 
             - Article 2 BBCC By-laws