Enjoy the Beach!

​Birch Bay, Washington

Wayne Diaz

I am today declaring my candidacy for a position on the Board of Directors for The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce. Once again, I ask the members of this Chamber of Commerce to consider my body of work for my community as well as this Chamber.  I feel my experience on various boards has prepared me for this position. I feel like I have shown my desire to keep this Chamber going at a great growth rate.

As you are all know the Visitor Center is a big part of the Chamber. I have shown how important it is to keep this Visitor Center open and spent many hours myself to keep the Visitor Center open.

I know we have a good mix on this Board of hard working people and would hope that we can keep this plan going that we have started over the past few years.

I am a past high school teacher and a retired baseball coach. I have lived in Birch Bay Village for over 15 years and love Birch Bay. I am now continuing to pursue my passion as a photographer.

I have served on many Boards over the years; some of which are:

·        Lions Club – held all offices including President
·        Future Business Leaders of America – State President
·        Jaycees
·        NCAA Baseball Rules Committee
·        Wings over Water NW Birding Festival
·        Interfaith Health Clinic Advisory Board
·        Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce 2015-2016

I now ask for your vote to re-elect me to the Chamber Board.

We have four (4) Positions opening this November

The following director positions are NOT up for election

Iain Buchanan

Jeff Carrington

Jesse Creydt

Jim Dibley

Mike Kent




2016 Candidate Application

Please be advised that all Candidates must be a

current member in good standing of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce.

These are unpaid Volunteer Positions

Winners will be announced at the Annual General Membership Meeting on November 18, 2015.


Billy Brown

I have lived, worked, and played in the Birch Bay area since 1987. As a current board member and Vice President of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce, I have appreciated numerous opportunities to serve my community in the last several years. In addition to working with the G7 committee who were instrumental in convincing the Whatcom County government to purchase our beach park site; I have chaired, co-chaired and volunteered at most of our events in support of the chamber’s successful business plan to restore our community to a proud recreational centerpiece both county and statewide. Cultivating a thriving environment for our local businesses and supporting the resources and infrastructure that best serves our members and the residents of Birch Bay is something I value greatly, and I hope you will consider me for another term doing this important work.

The following Members have added their names in be considered for the 2016/2017 Board of Director positions. Candidates here are listed alphabetically and have been contacted by

the Chamber with their commitment requirements and they have agreed to donate their time as required and have a willingness to serve our Community.


Doralee Booth

B.S. Degree from Seattle Pacific University
Research Assistant University of Washington
Instructional Assistant Northshore School District
Member University Presbyterian Church....Stephen’s Ministry
Married 54 years
Mother of 3 sons, grandmother to 5 adorable grandchildren!
Birch Bay was my favorite family vacation place as a child.  Tradition and enjoyment continued and we are now retired and live in the community of Birch Bay.  I became involved in planning efforts as a result of the rapid development and growth occurring in Birch Bay.   

Participation in that process includes: 

  • Member of the Birch Bay Planning and Economic Development Group.  1998
  • Elected representative to the Birch Bay Steering Committee from the                  Cottonwood neighborhood.  2001
  • Co-chair of the Transportation/Public Safety and Schools Implementation Subcommittee.
  • Vice-chair of the Birch Bay Steering Committee.  2003​
  • Member of the Whatcom County Steering Committee for developing Transportation Concurrency and Transportation Impact Fee programs.

  • Member of the Whatcom County Jail Planning Task Force  2011
  • Member of the Sheriffs Citizen Advisory
  • President of the Friends of Birch Bay State Park
  • Chair of the Beach Park Committee
  • Director on the Birch Bay Chamber Board 2015-16

Meet Your Candidates for Board of Directors

Mike Peetoom

I was raised in Whatcom Count and my teen years were spent cruising up and down the strip at Birch Bay. Now I am married with two children, own an excavating business locally (Mike Peetoom Construction LLC), my wife and I also own Infinity Dance Company in Lynden.

I started my volunteer experience on the stage crew at the NWWF, I helped run the Northwest Demo Derby and chaired the Pulling Committee for the Antique Tractor Association in Lynden. I was also Sergeant at Arms for the Fourth Corner Elites Car Club of  Bellingham and I also help the WCSO put on the Whatcom County Project Santa.

A couple of years ago I was asked to sponsor and help put on the Rollback Weekend event and have been helping the Birch Bay Chamber ever since. I would be honored to work with this great group of people serving as director by contributing to the forward momentum needed to Bring Birch Bay back to its glory days. Thank you for your consideration.